Project Manager

JOB TITLE: Project Manager
ROLE IS ACCOUNTABLE TO: The supervisor of the Project Manager is the Vice President
ROLE OBJECTIVE: To maintain and strengthen client relationships. Develop a specific plan for each individual project through team collaboration. Distribute, monitor, maintain, update, adjust and execute against the project plan. Process change orders and monitor project financials consistently throughout the life of the project.



Project Plan DevelopmentThe Project Manager is responsible for developing the plan for the project team.

Accountability: LEnsure project planning milestones are scheduled and achieved. Develop schedule with input from the entire team and perform schedule updates as deemed necessary at Project Kick-off Meeting. Project issues are to be tracked in a transparent manner that all team members can access.


Scheduling: Develop, analyze, and update an internal Project Schedule for each Project.

Accountability: ule.PM is to oversee the initial development of the schedule pursuant to the Project Planning Milestone process. It is also the responsibility of the Project Manager to oversee the update of the Schedule through meetings dedicated to updating and discussing the job schedule. These meetings should be held at a minimum every 4 weeks and shall be held offsite to promote engagement with discussing schedule status. The PM should also ensure that Subcontractors are engaged and aware of the Project Schedule.


Labor Productivity Index: Our self-performed labor is our greatest risk during the project. Extra attention needs to be spent to ensure the labor is executed within the labor hours.

Accountability: The original budget becomes the base line against which labor productivity will be measured. Labor Productivity needs to be tracked and shared with the project team at every 2 Week Planning Meeting. A SIP (Short Interval Plan) needs to be developed and reviewed regularly against the budget to ensure all team members understand the big picture and how their individual performance affects the entire team and project financials. It is expected that the Project Manager is the Master of their job budget. The PM shall work with Estimating in identifying and understanding where the budget for all aspects of the work falls in regards to the Cost Codes.

KRA #4, Manage a team that meets the Project Budget Goals

Manage a team that meets the Project Budget Goals: The PM will manage a team that meets or exceeds each project’s projected revenue. The team will consist of assistant project managers, superintendents, foreman, sub-foremen and field crews.

Accountability: The PM is to conduct onsite job meetings at a frequency determined by the Project Manager and agreed upon with the VP. The onsite meeting should cover open items, update of project planning milestone status, and cover any issues. The PM is to oversee the assignment responsibilities and hold team members accountable for completion of items.

KRA #5, Manage, Support and Build Relationships with Customers

Manage, Support and Build Relationships with Customers: The Project Manager is responsible for developing a good working relationship with the customers entire project team.

Accountability: The customer is to provide a favorable feedback on the Customer Satisfaction Survey and be likely to recommend Mallick to colleges / peers.

KRA #6, Manage, Support and Build Relationships with Subcontractors and Vendors:

Manage, Support and Build Relationships with Customers: The Project Manager is responsible for developing a good working relationship with all subcontractors and vendors on the project team.

Accountability: Ensure that all subcontractors and vendors would prefer to work with Mallick Mechanical on future projects. This allows us to get better pricing and in turn makes us more competitive. Additionally, collaborate with subcontractors from a planning perspective – conduct subcontractor kickoff meeting, Equipment/Control coordination meeting, etc.

KRA #7, Project Documentation

Project Documentation: The Project Manager is to ensure that all Project Documentation is always current for each project.

Accountability: The Project Manager is to ensure that all project documentation is current in the job files, including but not limited to; Submittals, RFI’s, Procurement Logs, Project Schedules, Punch Lists, Contract Drawings, Coordinated Drawings, Close-out Documents, Change Orders, Quality Control Reports, etc.


Project Financials: The Project Manager is responsible to forecast revenue and cash flow for each project.

Accountability: The Project Manager is to preform monthly cost projections on every project by the 7th of every month. This projection is to capture all known costs to be expected through the duration of the project. All change orders and working change orders need to be processed and updated weekly so an accurate gross profit can be projected. Quarterly Forecasts need to be completed to project revenue and cash flow for each project.


Zero Fades from Original Budget: Once the original budget is established, the Gross Margin planned must not fade.

Accountability: The original budget becomes the base line against which Margin will be measured. Gross Margin can be tracked using V6 – MMC JC WIP – WCO Report. There should be no margin fade after the procurement plan is completed including subcontractor scope creep / awareness.


Procurement: proper procurement of the project is essential to the success of staying on budget. As such, the PM is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all required material, equipment, and subcontractors are identified and that they are procured within budget
Accountability: PM is accountable for ensuring that all items defined as “Equipment” and all Subcontractors are procured within the parameters set forth during the Project Planning Milestone process. The PM is also to communicate any scope busts with Estimating as early as possible so that corrective action can be identified in Estimating processes and procedures. As well, PM should oversee the Rough Material procurement process to ensure that there is minimal risk in terms of the procurement of Rough Material on the project. All busts and/or savings should be captured in the Cost Projection process performed by the Project Manager.


Safety: Enforcing company safety policies and procedures on every project.

Reinforcing the Corporate Culture: This is accomplished by understanding the Mission, Vision and Core Values of Mallick and ensuring that our Culture is maintained and enhanced where possible. It is expected that the PM will play a leadership role by example.

Internal Leadership: Taking an active interest in developing in house future managers and career paths by actively mentoring potential future “leaders”.

Billing: All billing needs to be sent to the customer by the 25th of every month or early if the contract mandates it. It is the PM’s responsibility to make sure that this happens.

Change orders: All change orders need to be processed accurately and promptly in V6. All working change orders need a PCO # provided prior to any work taking place.

Contracts: The PM is to know and understand the contract on each individual project. This includes understanding Mallick’s scope of work and exclusions.


  • Conflict Resolution
  • Operational Awareness
  • Financial Aptitude
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Team Building
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Problem Solving from the Root Cause Analysis, Technical and Non-technical
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Customer Service (Happy Customer and Subcontractor with Repeat Work)
  • Employee Growth/Accountability
  • Decision Making and Ability to Teach It
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- Phillip D. Keller, Jr.,
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